Friday, March 13, 2015

Kayaking Ecuador, World Class destination ! Come Paddle with us.

Check out the new whitewater movie #FORTHELOVE featuring ECUADOR 
For the Love Teaser from Mountain Mind Collective on Vimeo.
The official teaser for Mountain Mind Collective's upcoming film "For the Love" coming to DVD and streaming online in May 2016. Visit to see film premiere tour dates starting in April 2016 and coming to cities across the U.S.!

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Middle Jondachi, just epic

Sunday, August 3, 2014

Whitewater kayaking Season in Ecuador is ON, rainy and very rainy season! get your boof on!

Looking forward to do more new rivers this season, and hoping to go back to the Box Canyon of the Rio Cofanes.
Good Ol' Piggly Wiggly on the Cheese House Section , our bread and butter of every day when in Baeza.
don't get lost in this Laberinto (Cheese House)

power House ( Cheese House)

Friday, January 31, 2014

Boof Sessions Hosting World Class Academy 2013.

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Boof Sessions Hosting World Class Academy in 2013: What a great time!! Abe Herrera as the Head coach for the school took World class to Tena and Baeza to kayak every day and enjoy the beauty of his country.  Before we all headed south to Peru and Chile.  What an incredible experience ! 


Saturday, February 18, 2012

Saturday, December 17, 2011

Ecuador Kayaker Blog

Support the preservation of Ecuador's water resources By increasing global awareness of watershed issues in Ecuador, we hope to minimize the exploitation of the environment and the people who depend upon it. 

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Logistics management for international kayaking trips. Custom trips is our specialty. Guides, gear rentals, river info, rafting trips.

 The Ultimate International Kayaker Experience in Ecuador.

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Papallacta hot springs after the best week of whitewater paddling ever...way to finish

 Having fun with the local kids in the Jatunyacu river near Tena,
Welcome to the Jungle.

Upper Jondachi classic whitewater from top to bottom.
endangered river now, is being Damed.

Endless fun on the Intag river.
A classic in the Northern part of Ecuador.

International whitewater kayaking instruction : BOOF SESSIONS KAYAK SCHOOL. 
 Learn to boof in Ecuador

Professional whitewater kayak instruction and quality whitewater makes the best combo to take your kayaking skills to the next level.

All levels of kayaking instruction available. just ask

  • Big Water whitewater kayaking
  • Creeking 101 #BoofSessions
  • Bomb proof your roll, while you are playing in warm weather.

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KAYAK RESCUE CLINIC: Learn to rescue your friend!

Ecuador is the perfect place to train and expand your knowledge about rescue while having fun with your peers.
Add a private 1-2 day of kayaking rescue training to your trip. Years of experience on rescue training will condensate and focus on the main points for kayak rescue and safety. It will be a customized training and we can train as much as you want in between a all inclusive trip. It will need to be a private trip were everyone wants to participate and we can work on all rescue technique half the day and paddle the other half.
The kayak rescue clinic covers the importance of using a PFD with a rescue belt options and correct techniques to use it as life bait and more, vertical pins, boat pins, rescue boat assistance from boat and from shore, swimmer assistance and rescue from boat and shore, foot entrapment, general  safety support, pre-planning, assessment, hazard management and more. We will create safe and real scenarios to practice the most commun situations we find in rivers and learn how to react towards it.
 Rigging with Kayak Rescue Gear (Light  Pin Kit) :  pulleys, prusiks, knots and ropes, webbing. ascending descending with or without kayaks, rapelin, belaying, etc..

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 Touring SUP & Kayaking in the cuyabeno.

Join us to SUP paddle around the flooded lagoons of the Amazon basin, deep in the jungle of Ecuador in the search of the Pink river Dolphin.

The Best Eco-Tour into the Cuyabeno National Reserve and the Amazonic basin.
The Cuyabeno National Reserve is on the top 3  best destinations in Ecuador along with the Galapagos Islands and the Yasuni national park.  We offer you a unique way to explore this area kayaking down rivers and into the flooded lagoons that will allow you to experience the the amazonic rain forest in a unique way.

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Papagayos from the Amazon Jungle
Charapas, endangered species now.

Touring Expeditions to the the CUYABENO ECOLOGICAL RESERVE : One of the most amazing places to take this touring kayaks is the Cuyabeno faunistic reserve in the Northern province of Sucumbios where the freedom of paddling through flooded rain forests and seeing the most incredible biodiversity in the world allow you to see all kinds of birds, monkeys and reptiles or maybe an amazonic pink dolphin or the amazon manati.
Early in the morning, one beep will unleash the most intense display of birds in the wild you will ever come around. This is bird watching heaven and not just birds but a incredible number of all kind of species that live in the amazonic basin.

Ecuador best Eco-tour in the Cuyabeno flooded lagoons. Amazon river basin treasure.

Kayaking Eco-tours, paddling Cuaybeno flooded lagoons



The best skirts out in the market. 
We are proud to use Snapdragon whitewater skirts on our boats, high quality and put to the test for the extreme conditions of the demanding environment of the ecuadorian jungles.

PNW best local outdoor retailer 

Slideshow of our boof sessions in Ecuador, the best creeking whitewater kayaking trips in south america. from BOOF SESSIONS ecuador whitewater on Vimeo.