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Kayaking Ecuador, World Class destination ! Come Paddle with us.

Check out the new whitewater movie #FORTHELOVE featuring ECUADOR and Boof Sessions local paddler Abe Herrera, the Mountain Mind Collective boys and a few friends came to rally the ecuadorian rivers with us and got some really amazing footage and some incredible stories. Check it out:
For the Love Teaser from Mountain Mind Collective on Vimeo.
The official teaser for Mountain Mind Collective's upcoming film "For the Love" coming to DVD and streaming online in May 2016. Visit to see film premiere tour dates starting in April 2016 and coming to cities across the U.S.!

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Middle Jondachi, just epic

Sunday, August 3, 2014

Whitewater kayaking Season in Ecuador is ON, rainy and very rainy season! get your boof on!

Looking forward to do more new rivers this season, and hoping to go back to the Box Canyon of the Rio Cofanes.
Good Ol' Piggly Wiggly on the Cheese House Section , our bread and butter of every day when in Baeza.
don't get lost in this Laberinto (Cheese House)

power House ( Cheese House)

Friday, January 31, 2014

Boof Sessions Hosting World Class Academy 2013.

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Boof Sessions Hosting World Class Academy in 2013: What a great time!! Abe Herrera as the Head coach for the school took World class to Tena and Baeza to kayak every day and enjoy the beauty of his country.  Before we all headed south to Peru and Chile.  What an incredible experience ! 


Thursday, July 12, 2012

SUP Touring in Ecuador's Amazon jungle : "SUP with Pink Dolphins"

 The Cuyabeno National Reserve is on the top 3  best destinations in Ecuador along with the Galapagos Islands and the Yasuni national park.

  We offer you a unique way to explore this area in the Jungles of Ecuador. Imagine Stand Up Paddle boarding through the flooded forest into the flooded lagoons that will allow you to experience the the amazonic rain forest in deep. We will paddle from one lodge to another a couple days and then paddle different routes around the lagoons.
The Best Eco-Tour into the Cuyabeno National Reserve and the Yasuni.

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Touring SUP Expeditions to the the CUYABENO FAUNISTIC RESERVE : One of the most amazing places to take StandUp Paddle boards is the Cuyabeno faunistic reserve in the Northern province of Sucumbios where the freedom of paddling through flooded rain forests and seeing the most incredible biodiversity in the world allow you to see all kinds of birds, monkeys and reptiles or maybe an amazonic pink dolphin or the amazon manati.
Early in the morning, one beep will unleash the most intense display of birds in the wild you will ever come around. This is bird watching heaven and not just birds but a incredible number of all kind of species that live in the amazonic basin.
Mega biodiversity, home of one the greatest wildlife concentration places in the world, both flora and fauna-wise. It is a complex system of rainy formations with its 13 small lakes, rivers and tropical wild forests turning this 1,500,000 acres (6,100 km2) into a record of level of biodiversity in the world.
Within the tropical rain forest vegetation, there is a rich variety of plants such as palms, bromeliads, Ceibos, heliconia, Macrolobium, wild roses and 60 different orchid species. 12000 different plants have been approximately found inside the wildlife reserve. Many are used for medical purposes by the native indigenes.
Ecuador best Eco-tour in the Cuyabeno flooded lagoons. Amazon river basin treasure.

More than 550 different bird species have been identified in Cuyabeno, such as more than 350 fish species, including piranhas; a great variety of reptiles such as frogs, caimans, anacondas and river turtles. Frequently observed species include various birds species, such as colorful macawsparrots, hummingbirds, kingfishers and hoatzins or the Harpy eagle, which flaunts its 8-foot (2.4 m)-wide wingspan, and lots of varieties of beetles and poison dart frogs as well. Amongst the mammals, the tapir (Tapirus terrestris), freshwater pink dolphins and armadillos can be found.
The river system covers the rivers Aguarico, San Miguel and Cuyabeno along with their tributaries. Amongst the Cuyabeno, there is a system of 14 black-water lagoons, which are formed by floods in the rains of the lowland rain forest from April to July. The rainy season is clearly marked from April to July, followed by a season of mixed rain and drought from August to November and a dry season from December to March. The climate corresponds to a wet tropical forest, with precipitations between 0.18 to 0.25 cubic inches per year, and humidity ranges from 85% to 95%. The annual temperature oscillates around 25 °C (77 °F)
Due to this wildlife reserve belonging to the National Protected Areas System, very few tour operators are qualified to work in this zone. This is why not so many tourists can be found visiting this zone, making it more attractive to enjoy the nature and its sounds.

SUP Amazon Jungle CUYABENO: 4 days - 3 nights     email for details


Your SUP tour…

Day 01: Flight Quito to Lago Agrio or 3 hours drive from Baeza  - destination Cuyabeno Lodge

AM flight to Lago Agrio.(30 minute flight) . Upon arrival in Lago Agrio, you will go by private shuttle bus to the entrance of the Cuyabeno River (2 hours), where we will have a box lunch.  At this point the visitors have to register in the National Reserve’s office. Our Naturalist Guide will give information about the Reserve, important recommendations and other tips to begin the two hours navigation on the Cuyabeno River to reach our Ecolodge in the afternoon. Some part of these navigation on Cuyabeno River will be done with our SUP boards (downriver flat moving water).
Once we get to our Ecolodge you’ll check in to your rooms and you can relax a little while. After a siesta in the hammok, we will leave the base camp for a swim in the lagoon and to watch a beautiful sunset in the middle of the Laguna Grande. 
\To get to Laguna Grande we will use our SUP boards. (1HOUR+-). 
 We will then return to the camp for dinner. You will spend the night in rooms with double beds and Mosquito nets and enjoying a cold beer in our Jungle Bar.

Day 02: Jungle Expedition
If you wake up early in the morning  you have the option to go SUP around for about an hour to get more contact with the flooded ecosystem and also is a good exercise in the morning fresh temperatures ( SUP YOGA session only under request and availability).
 Early morning is a really good time for bird watching and admire a beautiful sunrise  After breakfast we will take a trek in the primary forest for 3 to 4 hours, where your guide will explain how the complex tropical ecosystem works. You will be able to learn about medicinal plants and might be able to see some exotic birds, monkeys or hopefully other wildlife. We will then return to the camp for lunch and a brake during the hottest part of the day. In the afternoon, we will paddle to the lagoon, have a swim and watch the sunset. With a little luck you can observe the pink river dolphins or an anaconda sunbathing in a tree.  All of these afternoon activity  will be done from our SUP boards before we return to the camp for dinner, and  then take a canoe night ride to look for caimans.

Day 03: SIONA Native Community Experience
After breakfast, we depart to head to the Siona Community of Puerto Bolivar, these is a 2 hour boat ride where in some parts of the Cuyabeno river we will use our SUP boards to get to the Community of Puerto Bolivar thats  the largest ethnic group in the Reserve. During this tour you will learn their customs, traditions and way of life. You will be part of the elaboration of the Casabe; local dish made of yucca ( starch carbohydrates are the principal food of the community). 
A visit to the Shaman is also included. He will explain some more about life in the jungle. The trip takes about 5 minutes navigation downstream to get there, on the way it will be possible to admire the existing fauna along the Rio Cuyabeno such as: birds, monkeys, snakes, pink dolphins, tortoises and many others. This is a full day excursion with Lunch in the Community. After that we return to the Ecolodge.

A nocturnal hike through the primary forest in search of insects, spiders, geckos or scorpions, and listen to the night sounds of the jungle will be done when gets dark and the come back have dinner and spend the night in the lodge.

Day 04:  Sunrise Paddle & Journey back home  : Cuyabeno - Lago Agrio - Quito (Galapos link)
Early in the morning (5:45)  before breakfast a paddling bird-watching excursion. Back at the lodge we have breakfast and you will start the journey back upstream on the Cuyabeno River to where all started. 
Lunch (lunch box) at the bridge. The bus will take you to Lago Agrio. Return to Quito or your next destination GALAPAGOS (link) TENA (link)… 

Stand Up Paddle SUP Tours in the Amazon Jungle , the CUYABENO National Forest. 
Get ready to walk on water!  Join us and experience the jungle from a thrilling new perspective  while on the deck of a Stand Up Paddle Board (SUP).
Our guided paddle board tour features the excitement and ease of paddling a SUP on the gentle waters of the  Cuyabeno river and the flooded lagoons of the Amazon forest . There is no better way of exploring the beautiful Amazon jungle and the river or the flooded rain forest environment.  It’s the perfect playground to discover more about the natural history of this biological treasure or simply learn and practice proper SUP techniques.  Paddling a SUP is a great activity for the whole family, allows a full-body workout, and provides the opportunity to witness incredible views of the jungle and wildlife.

Trip Rating:
Beginner ( not experience required)  we will provide all the information required for you to feel confortable with the equipment and the area, allowing you to have the most amazing experience possible. 
High water events will make the downriver portion a little more demanding so it will be the Trip’s leader call to decide if is safe to paddle down river. 

Children must be at least 12 years old to paddle their own board.
Children 5-12 can ride with their parents or a guide and only will be allowed on Beginner runs. 

What do you need to bring?
Clothing – Comfortable, weather appropriate athletic clothing – shorts and a t-shirt are ok, bathing suit, light long pants and long sleeves are advised to protect you from the sun and the bugs. We recommend bringing a dry change of clothes for after your rafting trip.
Water shoes/sandals/old sneakers – These must stay on your feet at all times – sport sandals only please. Flip flops or bare feet are not recommended .
Sunglasses, sunscreen, camera, lip balm, medications, hat, etc.

Professional safety-certified guides.
Bottled water & snacks
SUP, paddles
PFD (life jacket), dry bags
Roundtrip land and river Transportation
Boat support 
National Forest entry fees (if needed) 
       •      Rubber boots for jungle walk
Not included:
alcoholic beverages (you can bring your own) 
guide gratuities 

personal weather protection 


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