The Stouts

The Hollin Chico

Stout 45 footer . hard to do safety at bottom. The pool empty pretty quick into the next rapid and is gnar .
leave for the end of your trip.

 Hollin Chico final falls, take out for a epic day on the Hollin Chico.

Cascada del Rio Rodeo 

 The Southern lands of Ecuador, offer a lot of good kayaking. just have to time it for when is raining , although this one in particular you want it looking low , even lower than the picture to run the Gorge.  (first D 2017) 
If you are looking into some water falling this place is pure magic, it has a bunch of waterfalls stacked in a 1 mile gorge . 

Cascada Salto del Armadillo 
The Coastal side has some treats for you, near Santo Domingo area is this amazing 55' footer. 
flood season best for flows.  first D 2017 

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