Upon arrival to UIO airport you have options, get home to Baeza or stay over night in a neat spot and take the bus ride the next day.

1- book Pickup taxi to Baeza  100$ (2Hours),  Share the ride, ask us about other paddlers rolling in same date:  shoot us an email with your flight info to: to confirm your pick up upon arrival.

2- Lots of flights arrive at night, you can stay near the airport, and hop in a bus the next morning:  Hit this guys up to get pick up upon arrival and next day you can walk to the bus stop to get to Baeza easy.

QUITO AIRPORT HOSTEL (next to the brewery) 

Best Spot near UIO airport , great service, quiet, safe.
Close to the Airport (15 minutes) ARIE'S CABINS   $25 for 1 person $35 for double room, 15$ shuttle pick up with kayaks or not, you can ride the bus to Baeza-Tena-Baños  the next day from the cabins. ARIE  is a great host.

a little map to give you an idea what to expect of traveling around here.

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< epicenter of whitewater kayaking inEcuador >

Kayak Hostel Ecuador

Gina's Ecuador Kayak Hostel.

Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner meal deals  and a la carte menu all day.
Wi-Fi, Hot showers, Pool Table, FREE Tekilla shots all day, Free spanish lessons  and experience Baeza as a big Family. Most likely will be sold out so we don't take reservations (first come first serve) and you have options around Baeza with other Hostels for lodging.

DAILY KAYAK SHUTTLE : Sign up on the white board in the morning before 9:00, we'll have the best options available and set up shuttle for your crew. 

Leave your logistics to us, ask for lodging, shuttles, guides or what ever you need to us.
For shuttles from Quito to and from the whitewater kayaking meccas of Baeza, Tena, Baños or Santo Domingo or anywhere else in the Country.

Baeza is around 6000feet (2000 meters) above sea level  is an amazing area for boating,  you will feel the elevation for the first couple days, nice cool weather, bring a pair of jeans and a rain coat. Water levels are generally always good here but your next stop is 2 hours farder down the hill. Tena where you will  find the tropical warm jungle around the 1500 feet (500 meters) asl. rivers are significantly warmer, shorty top or skin to the wind paddling.

In Baños:  lodging is not a problem here but a river front, camping optional, beautiful and safe spot.   ABBY'S House is the best spot around Baños when you go that way. 

 TENA: Rite next to the Upper Miss, between Archidona y Tena.
Stay with BUBU and Gabriel , your hosts for the weekend. Chill and safe, on your way to the JONDACHI, Misahualli ( MISS), Piatua.
The Best option to stay when in Tena, 10 minutes out of town 5$ taxi, Breakfast option included and kitchen available.
Hit them up on Facebook

contact and reservations : 

A GOOD HOSTEL IN MACAS :  NICE SPOT IN THE MIDDLE OF MACAS  Hostal Casa Blanca.   Trust me on this one, you'll be breathing straight mold if you go somewhere else. And  You are across the street from the best restaurants in Macas and couple blocks from a big market where it will be easy to hire a truck everyday for different missions in the Area. Even if you choose to run the Upper Upano you may want to stage here cuz there is nowhere to stay up in the little towns of 9 de Octubre or Zuñag.

SANTO DOMINGO KAYAK HOSTAL : check with this guy is a local kayaker than can host you at their hostel and make your life a lot easier with logistics on the west slopes  of Ecuador.  

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