Have your own crew and don't need a guide? great !! you still need your logistics taken care by Us, Ok the most fun trip there is in this parts, get off the beaten path,  schedule the jeep to take you and your friends  and rally in search of the perfect storm or those hidden gems.  Save time on complicated logistics, just worry about your next boof.

Book the Jeep or the Truck how ever long you need and get into the Best Whitewater you can find.  Explore other drainages in Ecuador that will blow your mind away with its amazing whitewater.

SUGGESTED ITINERARY : book your trip from BAEZA to ZAMORA and hit some classics on your way through this Beautiful Country . 
Start with Jondachi, sleep in Tena, Upper miss/ Piatua/ upper Anzu, rally to TOPO spend the night in Baños, rally for MACAS and hit the Namangosa Canyon (cañon de las 1000 cascades), Abanico. 
Head for GUALAQUIZA and you can stay in this area running some amazing whitewater or finish in ZAMORA where you will find your self at home with the take out of the river at walking distance from your hotel. It is a 12 hour drive back from here to the Baeza. 

Tour Ecuador with a driver that knows put ins, take outs, and have obligation to have a cooler full of cold beer at all times you can get a lot of territory covered. The South Of Ecuador is an Incredible place to paddle but is 12 hours drive away and you will have several options in between the two points.
This is great tour to do if you already have paddled all the classics next to Baeza and Tena.
The point is to hit some of the best rivers you can find and have not been documented yet.

The provinces of Zamora Chinchipe, Loja, Oro and more have some rivers that only run certain time of the year, and need some extra logistics to make it happen.  Zamora is a great destination on the South with an AMAZING  river next to your Hotel and a cool place to chill.
Check out the SOUTH RIVERS page for more info on rivers.
Waste no time, leave the logistics to Us and enjoy the South American Experince like never before.


*PRACTICE SPANISH , No one will speak to you in English on this one (except your driver hopefully).
*EXPLORE MORE, Run Rivers that have been run  few times that will blow you away with its beauty.
*EXPERIENCE South American culture to its fullest.
*Zamora is a great destination on the South with an AMAZING variety of rivers.
*NEW destinations for kayaking.
*WARM water kayaking
*Avoid Crowds.
*Tour Ecuador on the best way.

CAPACITY FOR TOUR and COST per Vehicle :

3-4 kayakers take the pick up truck . $150/day
4-6 kayakers take the Land Cruiser.  $250/day
6+  kayakers take the bus+trailer $350/day

All transportation, experienced driver,  Hotel-Hostel Reservations, gas, cooler full of ice for cold drinks.

Salto del Armadillo FD. Provincia de Manabi

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