The Rain Forest in the Amazon Jungle,  We will stay at 2 different places during this trip :  the first place we will stay at is two hours from Quito ( UIO international airport) is a really small town called San Francisco de Borja, Located in the eastern foothills of the Andes, where the Amazon plain is coupled with the Andean highlands, around the 6000’ feet elevation above sea level and surrounded by a healthy  primary rain  forest are a haven for the Amazonian and Andean flora and fauna, many of which are endangered. 
Spectacled bears, mountain tapirs, cougars, are some of the mammals that live here . Over 400 bird species make up the bird inventory of the Quijos River Valley.
Lush vegetation that includes cedar, rubber tree, cascarilla, Dragon’s Blood, motilon, poroton and hundreds of varieties of orchids form a huge and well-preserved natural garden.
A paradise for bird watchers, adventure lovers or just for those who wish to rest in an absolutely natural environment while breathing fresh air,  and enjoying a comfortable rustic eco lodge next to a beautiful river that keeps you company with the sounds of the rapids while you stay at the lodge. The energy of this place with rivers, waterfalls, birds and orchids makes a really good place to have a retreat.
The food is a very important part of the trip and we could add  a very delicious  culinary experience with Local Organic produce proper from the Andes mountains and the Amazon jungle. I would like to know if you would like to have a vegetarian menu or different kind of  options. (generally Vegetarian and Typical Ecuadorian food  menu is standard on tours) Gluten free and Vegan menus will be only under request and a different cost. Due to bringing a specialty cook.

Option 1 : (example of itinerary) 

Day O: Airport pick up UIO airport , spend the first night in a nice Hosteria near the airport .( optional depending on groups flight schedule)  most flights arrive in the evening to UIO so spending the night near by is a good idea. The whole group meets here allowing people to have one day to get here from different destinations or a day to check out Quito during the day have a metropolitan expereince of the Colonial Town before you go to the jungle. 

Day 1-3
 : Transfer from Quito to the River lodge < weather is nice and cool spring like > We have an outdoor covered bamboo Yoga hut with enough space for a good size group to have daily practices next to the river. 

Activities and highlights: Hot tub, walks around the lodge or along the river, waterfall hikes, visit to San Rafael falls one of the tallest high volume drop in the world and a high energy yoga practice at bottom of another magetic waterfalls. Birdwatching with luck we can spot the unique Cock of the Rock and Paradise birds or Quetzals near the lodge. 

This place will be good for the group to settle into practice and good place to meditate and rest.

Day 4-6 : We relocate to a new area. 2 hour drive South East  to TENA. We will have a quick stop for a little  adventure on the way here to visit a temple of ceremonies  of the ancient culture that lived here thousands of years ago.  We will interact with the Kichwa community an learn how they coexist with the jungle.

 Tena is also known also as the Capital of the Guayusa and Cinnamon.  Territory of the Kichwa community, the weather is gonna be HOT and very jungly at 1500 feet above sea level, yet the nights are cool and bugs are chill. This is the start of the real jungle and the activitie level is turned a notch up,  get in the flow of the jungle.  

Yoga makes you sweat heavily and will feel great to be close to the river to cool off often. Guayusa is known for the property of stimulate lucid dreaming but also will keep you motivated with its energy enhancing powers.  

Day 4  PM: 
 check-in to the Yoga Lodge and enjoy some peace and quiet followed by a yummy dinner. Explore nature on our night walk when the jungle comes alive good time to learn about the biodiversity of the place. 
Day 5

 We begin the day with an amazing yoga class above the trees followed by a delicious organic breakfast! We will then adventure off on an amazing 2 hour hike following a river upstream, be prepared to get wet!
After a delicious lunch we will teach you how to make chocolate, from bean to bar! An experience you will never forget!

We will start the day with a nourishing organic breakfast and then get ready for an amazing rafting trip  Class III  on the Jatun Yacu river,  The best way to check out the jungle and the beauty of the rainforest, unique rock formations and cascades. We will break up the journey with a great yoga class on the sandy river bank to the sound of the flowing river and birds. Lunch on the river and later in the evening you will then enjoy the detox, sweet melodies and drumming while we experience  the sweat lodge and a plunge in the pool.

 We begin the day with an amazing yoga class above the trees followed by a delicious organic breakfast before we head back towards the mountains for a stop at the world known PAPALLACTA HOTSPRINGS and spend the night at 9000 feet of elevation. 3 hour drive and a night to spend into the quiet thin air of the mountains soaking into some amazing springs in our private bungalow  and private pool.

Customize your trip, request a itinerary: 

return to UIO 
One hour away is QUITO, the metropolitan city and its charming Old Town, full of amazing stories and places to check out , places that gave this city the importance that carries now. This is an optional day activity. i will explain the full QUITO day tour if you are interested. 

 We have trusted Shamans that will accommodate you and your group for a ceremony, is recommended to have a week of preparation for making it a better experience. Ceremonies are scheduled only under request  for groups.  

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