Why BoofSessions

 We are a community of kayakers coming together to provide the best experience posible for everyone visiting the country and helping the sport grow in Ecuador. 

Abe Herrera: Founder of Boof Sessions kayaking, Abe is been working in the Industry of whitewater Around the American Continent  since 2005, Teaching, guiding or working on safety gigs.  Lots of experience to your service,  ACA  American Canoe Association Kayak/Raft Instructor level 4, Rescue3 International Swiftwater Rescue and High Angle Rope Instructor, stunt rigger and a former head coach of World Class Kayaking Academy.  Currently living in White Salmon WA during the summer time.
"Kayaking is been my Zen and passion since the first day"  and now is a way to show the world the beauty that we find in our rivers trying to help seed awareness for water  conservancy and nature around the world."

Gynner Coronel Paris:  THE "OG" of Kayaking in Ecuador. 
Let the voice of experience speak by its own, Gynner fired up kayaking 20 years ago in Ecuador, created the first whitewater rafting company in the country and explored more rivers than we know are in Ecuador. A world class paddler for sure, worked in US in very prestigious kayaking schools like Otter bar in California and Wet Planet in Washington.
His enthusiasm and experince will show you the best time in Ecuador.

Jason McClure : Another veteran of whitewater here 
Jason is been coming to Ecuador for a long time as a guide and just to find himself at home. South East Baby can't give up on the warm water every winter. If you are from the South East of United States Im sure you heard about him.  Join his guided trips or request him as a guide. 

Why to come with us: 
You will experience Ecuador's culture from the inside, while kayaking the best rivers in the region with the must fun possible and in the safest way we can make this happen. That is our commitment to get you the best bang for your buck!. 

 We work on a  3-1 ratio staff to paddlers minimum, following ACA safety standards. Having smaller groups allows a lot more paddling done,  and allows to spend more quality time on the river.
We can accommodate large groups no problem but most trips are smaller 3-5 paddlers and 2 guides is a solid crew.

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