Saturday, June 30, 2018

ALL YOU NEED TO KNOW ABOUT WHITEWATER KAYAKING SEASON IN ECUADOR #news #kayak #ecuador #riverpreservation #piatualibre #riverguide #waterfalls #expeditions

2018 Ecuador Highlights: Salto Armadillo redemption line. After injuring his back in 2017 sending the first descent  of this 60 footer, Abe went back with more water and fired up the middle line. 
Take a look of this gem of the coastal side of the Mountains, February's rains get the coast flooding and is a great time to approach some sweet drops. #parkandhuck #waterfalls #ecuador #kayak
Request a custom tour to the coast of Ecuador at any time .

TAX DEDUCTIBLE DONATION  TO HELP ECUADOR's RIVERS: Protecting whitewater resources, economic sustainability, and biodiversity in Ecuador.

Please donate to  Ecuadorian River Institute  to help river preservation in Ecuador. Everything helps, mining and dams are threatening the classic sections we love so much. All help counts.  

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